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June 1

Use Twitter to increase your access to passive job seekers

Using social media tools like Twitter can help business owners, HR managers, and recruiters source greater numbers of passive job seekers.  The ‘passive’ job seeker is typically an employed individual not actively looking for employment who would be open to entertaining another employment position if it were sufficiently attractive.  However, passive job seekers are not actively seeking new employment,.

May 29

Offering Thanksgiving to our Veterans this Memorial Holiday Weekend

Freedom isn’t free. It’s much more than a slogan. This weekend I am pondering about the many US veterans who have served, sacrificed, and in many cases given their lives for our country, people, and freedoms. Since our founding, some 2,620,375 men and women have been killed or wounded during their call to service for.

November 12

21 Sage Peter Drucker Leadership and Management Quotes

This month in my Vistage meetings we focused on the accessible leadership and management teachings of Peter Drucker. For many, Drucker’s works are to business literature, what Isaiah’s words are to the bible; rich, deep, insightful, proverbial, and often times difficult to grasp. For instance, I have recently been listening to the Audible version of.

September 8

Failure is essential to an entrepreneur’s future success

Failure…, or more precisely, recognizing and learning from failure is indispensable as an entrepreneur. The goal is to recognize and learn when your course is off track more quickly, forgoing much expense on a failed course. Hence this mantra… Fail fast Fail cheap Fail often And you will be closer to a viable MVP than.

June 15

Attracting, Hiring, Managing, and Motivating “Gen-Y” Employees: Fact or Fiction

In my Vistage Peer Group Meetings in June 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT, we invited a talented speaker, Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky (http://drgustavo.com/), to speak to us about generational differences of employees, with particular respect to understanding Y-generation. From my notes, here are some take-aways that I thought might provide a helpful launch point for.

June 2

What are the least stressful businesses to run

Recently the question was posted on Quora.com, “What are the least stressful businesses to run.” Here was my reply. Any business will be stressful until you get the business and operations fly wheel spinning and a great management team in place. Once your business is operational and cash-flowing, based on your prior choices, your level.

May 31

If My Company is Struggling; Should I Replace Myself as CEO?

From Quora.com, comes this question that I answered this morning on if a company is struggling, should a CEO replace themselves? https://www.quora.com/My-small-company-is-struggling-should-I-and-or-how-should-I-replace-myself-as-CEO-Outside-or-inside-hire-Where-should-I-go-to-find-low-cost-talent My reply: Your situation is a classic situation for small businesses described in Michael Gerber’s *E-Myth Revisited* and Gino Wickman’s *Traction and his Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)*. In summary, “What got you here,.