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February 8

“That was easy…” and other successful start-up Myths

Starting up a company and building it into a successful company is not so easy; indeed, there is no easy button that I am aware of. Yet people are always looking to shortcut the distance from start-up to success. As an executive coach, it is true that I can frequently accelerate the footsteps of the.

January 29

Tales from the Shark Tank; 10 Lessons Learned

Recently a question was posted on Quora.com, “What have you learned from watching the television program “Shark Tank”? I had such a fun time thinking about that question, that I posted a reply to their website, and have reposted my remarks here. As a serial entrepreneur, investor, and business coach, I think Shark Tank is.

January 26

Identifying “Difference Making” Top Talent – An Executive Recruiters Perspective

Consistently attracting and capturing top game-changing talent ‘difference makers’ for your business is a critical life skill for senior executives to master for sustainable company growth and business success. Difference makers are game-changing impact players and include key executive talent “rock stars” and much needed technical employee utility players that great businesses and teams are.

January 26

ePraxis Executive Coaching Themes for 2014

Each year as an executive coach, to stay current and relevant, I examine my executive coaching curriculum and initiatives for the CEOs, Presidents, and business owners that I coach to ensure they are appropriate and relevant for the times. This activity includes a 360 analysis of my own coaching practice, methods, and resources. Additionally, I.

January 26

ePraxis Business Consulting from Art to Science

As a professional business coach for business owners, CEOs, and executives, I frequently see similar patterns of need. Most business owners do not start out as expert business operators, but rather they have a special skill or trade that they do better than others, and they use this skill or trade to grow a small.

January 5

SaaS – Software as a Service Revolution

A recent Wall Street Research report stated that 83% of all companies expect to adopt SaaS (Software As A Service) technologies in the coming years. The take awake for me is that nearly every sector or market will eventually have a SaaS offering providing heavy competition to traditional offerings. A good question to ask is.