December 4

What should most start-up founders not waste their time doing?

What should most start-up founders not waste their time doing?, was the question that was asked on Quora. Here is my answer to that question. Stop starting businesses without a compelling vision, plan, or strategy. “Where there is no vision the people parish.” Stop attempting to be everything to everybody and delivering to every customer.

November 12

21 Sage Peter Drucker Leadership and Management Quotes

This month in my Vistage meetings we focused on the accessible leadership and management teachings of Peter Drucker. For many, Drucker’s works are to business literature, what Isaiah’s words are to the bible; rich, deep, insightful, proverbial, and often times difficult to grasp. For instance, I have recently been listening to the Audible version of.

September 8

Failure is essential to an entrepreneur’s future success

Failure…, or more precisely, recognizing and learning from failure is indispensable as an entrepreneur. The goal is to recognize and learn when your course is off track more quickly, forgoing much expense on a failed course. Hence this mantra… Fail fast Fail cheap Fail often And you will be closer to a viable MVP than.

June 2

What are the least stressful businesses to run

Recently the question was posted on, “What are the least stressful businesses to run.” Here was my reply. Any business will be stressful until you get the business and operations fly wheel spinning and a great management team in place. Once your business is operational and cash-flowing, based on your prior choices, your level.

May 31

If My Company is Struggling; Should I Replace Myself as CEO?

From, comes this question that I answered this morning on if a company is struggling, should a CEO replace themselves? My reply: Your situation is a classic situation for small businesses described in Michael Gerber’s *E-Myth Revisited* and Gino Wickman’s *Traction and his Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)*. In summary, “What got you here,.

September 29

Why I chose to be a Vistage Chair?

I have been a Vistage Chair here in Utah since 2010 and it has been a great experience for me individually, for my Vistage members, and our Vistage community. My personal goal on becoming a Chair was to help my members 3x an important goal in their businesses or personal lives, and a good number.