To practice Kaizen effectively, one must put into process a system that is continually learning, adapting, and getting better. What gets measured matters. Focus on the wrong things, and the entire process can be foiled by ignoring critical aspects of mission success.

At ePraxis, our focus with our clients is to determine what matters, and develop ways to consistently measure the data that matters routinely, efficiently, and automatically so that no additional effort is needed to collect or assess the data. This may include process studies, time studies, and many other diagnostic techniques used in process engineering, business process automation, organizational behavior, management science, and social science research methods.

As in many aspects of life, tools are specialized for different purposes; in manufacturing or automation we might use LEAN and Six Sigma technical approaches; for human resource and organizational behavior development we might use tools such as Predictive Index, Craft Personality Questionnaire, DISC, Wonderlic, and many other diagnostic tools.

The key to diagnosis is understanding the problem, and ensuring that one is focused on the right problem — not the tip of the iceberg, but the deep seated mass below the water’s surface that can greatly impact business viability if left uncharted, unmanaged, and ignored. At ePraxis, our job is to call out those hidden issues, make them public, get some leadership emotion about the critical issue, and develop sensible means to address processes, people, and organizations to get ‘continual improvement’ to mantra status in our clients’ enterprises.


Severin Sorensen, is a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach & Vistage Chair, with expert skill sets in senior-level executive recruiting and search, who finds great passion in igniting executive and company performance, high growth business models, growing management teams, & leveraging LEAN manufacturing processes for execution success.

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