Headhunter Services

Headhunting is used most frequently used by our clients to fill hard-to-fill, high stakes positions for our clients’ businesses such as CEOs, Presidents, key executives in the C-suite (COO, CFO, CTO, VP Sales and Marketing etc), difficult to find technical talent (e.g. engineering, computing, programming, etc), and an other top talent requirements needed for mission-critical positions.

At ePraxis, we believe that here is both art and science of identifying client need, developing a headhunting plan, sourcing talent, screening candidates, determining candidate fit and suitability for a particular requirement, and then helping the customer hire the talent with skillful candidate compensation negotiations, expectation alignment, and hiring.

Our retained search clients call on ePraxis for headhunter services for five reasons: (a) our ability to listen to clients and determine their talent needs; (b) our ability to create a detailed position profile and behavioral job description; (c) our ability to source talent from many pools of streams of labor; (d) our keen sense of discernment and wisdom in talent screening and selection, supported by our science-based screening and selection tool, algorithms, and collection of decision-making information; (e) our speed of execution of the search finding great fitting talent as soon as possible within days, weeks, or months – depending on the difficulty of the search.

One measure of our demonstrated success in headhunting is our high proportion of first-time clients that immediately request additional headhunting searches soon after placement of our first-talent search performed by ePraxis for their businesses; for example, in 2015, 100% of our first-time clients made additional requests from ePraxis to perform additional for talent searches.