Executive Training

ePraxis offers a number of training courses and trainers depending on client needs. These include live course, online courses, and other ‘retreat’ facilitation services.

Mentoring Services

  • Executive¬†Mentoring
    • For CEOs, Presidents, GM, and other chief executives
    • For C-level executives (COO, CFO, CTO, VP sales and marketing etc)
    • For Directors of HR and Talent Capture Managers
  • Peer-Group Training
  • Company Planning Retreats

Training Course Offerings

Using the Kaplan Harvard Business School (HBS) Balanced Scorecard Method for Greater Performance;

Hiring Top Talent; Hire Slow, Fire Fast!

Exploring Behavioral Characteristics in Recruiting; Using Psychometric Testing and Homework to identify top talent

27 Methods for Sourcing Top Talent

Behavioral Interviewing for Top Talent

Advanced applications and tools used in behavioral characteristics hiring

Get Kaizened! Putting the Process of Continual Improvement in your Business Plans

Exploring Kaizen principles for a cycle of lifetime business process improvement

LEAN Management

Six Sigma

Exploring methods of Variance reduction in business processes and manufacturing


Using neuro marketing science to improve business sales and marketing messaging

Leveraging Enterprise Value

Reviewing methods of valuation and means to lever up enterprise valuation

Corporate Culture

You are what you tolerate, and other sage observations on culture in the workplace


Severin Sorensen, is a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach & Vistage Chair, with expert skill sets in senior-level executive recruiting and search, who finds great passion in igniting executive and company performance, high growth business models, growing management teams, & leveraging LEAN manufacturing processes for execution success.

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