Vistage Chair and Speaker

VistageChair1Severin Sorensen, CEO, ePraxis, is both an International Vistage Speaker and the senior most Vistage Chair in Utah.

Since 1957, Vistage has made a difference by bringing together groups of successful executives across a broad array of industries. The goal: more success. Each group is designed to help members help each other improve their businesses and their lives. The Vistage model is to bring together business owners, CEOs, Presidents, General Managers, and other responsible C-level executives in a carefrontational forum with monthly learning, issue processing, peer collaboration, coaching, and growth.

Severin Sorensen, CEO of ePraxis, was himself a Vistage member in his earlier years.  Severin commented, “I was myself a Vistage (TEC 554) member from 1999-2004, and like so many other former Vistage members, I was invited to become a Vistage Chair in order to give back to the community, and help others as I have been helped in my earlier years. I truly enjoy the opportunity to work with my friends and peer executives each month in our Vistage group and one-to-one coaching sessions.”

The core strength of Vistage is the Vistage learning system that informs, educates, supports, and strengthens chief executives with a comprehensive executive leadership development program with no blind spots. The pillars of Vistage include:

  1. Confidential “Advisory Board” Peer Group Meetings that meet monthly and address key issues impacting executive decision-making and corporations;
  2. Private 1-to-1 Mentoring/Coaching Sessions monthly between the Vistage Chair and member executive;
  3. Expert Resources (e.g. Speakers, coaches, and “been-there-done-that” CEOs that visit the group meetings regularly and training in their core competency);
  4. Exclusive Content and Connectivity of resources developed and improved for over 50 years, including MyVistage (an online-social network of Vistage members), annual conferences, regional events, and Vistage Fridays (weekly webinars for Vistage members on key topics impacting members businesses and personal lives).

From the objective statistical performance reports to the positive anecdotal membership testimonials, Vistage member CEOs, presidents, and business owners frequently report triple (3x) their competition in total sales, profitability (EBIDTA), and company value.

Vistage Chair

_Vistage UT Logo 2014As a Vistage Chair, Severin facilitates three Vistage Chief Executive Peer Groups (CE #507 and CE #3859), and Key Executive Group #9176 that meet monthly in group settings, and in one-to-one executive coaching sessions. Severin was awarded the 2011 Vistage International Rookie Chair of the Year Award and is recognized by his peers as being a thought leader in the Chair community.

Tuesday – Key Executive Group (Key 9176), comprised of largely c-level executives, general managers, and small business owners; the group has many young executives and executives in development. Members are drawn first from other Vistage member companies, and secondly from the broader population of eligible key executives.  If you are an executive that could benefit from a Key Executive Peer Group experience, please contact Severin Sorensen for more details.   Vistage Key Group #9176 (for C-Level Executives)

Wednesday – Serial Entrepreneurs Group (CE 507), comprised largely of serial (repeat) entrepreneurs and business owners of 3+ businesses or more, and where the Vistage group member is the primary equity holder of their enterprises. The group member company sizes range typically from around $20 million to $750 million.  If you are a serial entrepreneur that could benefit from a Serial Entrepreneurs Peer Group experience, please contact Severin Sorensen for more details. Vistage CE Group #507 (for Serial Entrepreneurs)

Thursday – Chief Executive Group (CE 3859), comprised largely of first-time CEOs, business owners, general managers, and C-level executives with significant profit and loss responsibility. The group member company sizes range from the low millions to $250 million.  If you are a chief executive that could benefit from a Chief Executive Peer Group experience, please contact Severin Sorensen for more details.  Vistage CE Group #3859 (for Chief Executives)

Note, Vistage chairs serve as independent contractors of Vistage Worldwide, with a non-exclusive license to operate the Vistage model in their designated areas.  Severin’s Vistage Chair practice is primarily focused on the Utah market, though members from neighboring California, Nevada, and Idaho have joined my groups in times past.

I am always looking to connect with business owners and executives who are life time learners, who are energetic, who want to get better at business and their lives, and who desire to grow; if this is you… or someone you know… please contact me to start a conversation.  Vistage membership is by invitation only, and if for whatever reason there is not a fit for you in one of my groups, I would be delighted to refer you to one of my capable Chair peers in the community.

Vistage Speaker

VistageSpeaker2Severin Sorensen, CEO, ePraxis, is a frequent International Vistage Speaker on ‘recruiting difference making top talent’ presenting regularly on this topic throughout North America.

Consistently attracting and capturing top game-changing talent – “difference makers” — for your business is a critical life skill for senior executives to master for sustainable company growth and business success. Difference makers are game-changing impact players and include key executive talent “rock stars” and much needed technical employee utility players that great businesses and teams are built upon. Unfortunately, knowing that you need and want employee “difference makers” does not make them magically appear, nor help you retain them. Severin Sorensen, a successful serial entrepreneur and Vistage Chair, has long focused on “high growth” companies and the “difference makers” that lead them. He has developed a proprietary behavioral characteristics Talent Capture Management system that consistently focuses on the business processes of identifying, recruiting, screening, hiring, onboarding and retaining top game-changing talent. His method is inspired by the early behavioral characteristics work of Paul Ryan and his “hire slow, fire fast” approach that has been taught to Vistage groups for more than 35 years. Severin improved upon the “hire slow” model with the addition of his own “fail fast” methodology of testing and stressing candidate prospects during the selection process to identify star-talent and weed out weaker candidates sooner.

Severin has improved the talent capture management processes through the use of technologies such as talent application tracking systems and recorded interviews designed to accelerate attraction of quality talents and process them through the system more quickly. The presentation begins by exploring typical and member “hiring fumbles” and misjudgments that occur in the hiring process. These oversights frequently cripple organizations, waste resources, delay progress and cause mindshare distraction for firms. Severin argues that the root causes of many of these hiring fumbles are detectable flaws and frequently overlooked during the traditional hiring process. He also argues that candidate selection is not just about asking questions: It is knowing what to ask and what to observe. Having identified the typical hiring problems, Severin next turns to the creation of a systemic process for greatly increasing the probability and success of hiring great hires every time. He explores the use of his top Ten (10) Talent Capture Management Tools that he uses regularly to consistently identify, attract, recruit, screen, hiring, and onboard for performance difference-maker success. Severin’s Top 10 Tools of Talent Capture Management shared in the presentation include: Behavioral Job Analysis Behavioral Job Description Candidate Attraction and Recruiting Plan Employment Application Intake Process Applicant Funnel creation and first screening process (of 100-300 candidates down to the top 30) Phone Interviews of Top 30 Candidates and top candidate selection to top 10 Panel Interviews, pre-employment and personality Tests, and homework of Top 10 candidates Finalist Interviews, background checks and screenings, reference checks, and homework presentations Finalist determination and compensation negotiation Onboarding new hires for “fast starts.”

To book Severin Sorensen for your Vistage Peer Group meeting, or your other organizational meeting or corporate retreat, please contact Severin Sorensen to discuss details.

Other Vistage Experiences

Golf_Horiz_GraySeverin Sorensen, CEO of ePraxis, was recently appointed by Vistage Worldwide to serve a 1-2 year term as advisory board member of the Vistage Golf Network, a network that seeks to bring together pro-social business and golf activities that increase Vistage member and guest networking, relationships, and friendships.  Severin has actively sought to use sports like golf to provide a productive forum for one-to-one coaching with his Vistage members.  Severin is a member of Congressional Country Club (Bethesda, MD) and Jeremy Ranch Golf and Country Club (Park City, UT).


Severin Sorensen, is a serial entrepreneur, headhunter, executive coach & Vistage Chair, with expert skill sets in senior-level executive recruiting and search, who finds great passion in igniting executive and company performance, high growth business models, growing management teams, & leveraging LEAN manufacturing processes for execution success.

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